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Have you created your Prüvit Experience to share with others on the site?

It’s easy, fun, and will help you promote better as you show others the power of exogenous ketones. PLUS, if your Experience is approved by Prüvit HQ to be posted to the site, you will get 10 Prüvit Bucks!

HACK #1:

If you see an Experience that someone you know will identify with, grab the URL and add your referrer code at the start. If the person decides to register, they are already tracked to you! Eg.

HACK #2:

Do you love the site, but would also love to share your personal experience with visitors? EASY! Just complete your Experience, then once it's approved by Prüvit HQ you can simply add /xp to your link. Eg.

Get started now

Just go to and scroll down to the bottom. Click on the “Experiences Login” link, login with your regular Prüvit Cloud Login, fill in your info, and get sharing! It's that

Boom. Better shared.
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