Paul Carter has been in the weight training, strength and conditioning, powerlifting, and bodybuilding arena for more than two decades. He has trained IFBB Pro Championships Bodybuilders, Elite Powerlifters, traveled the world working with some of the best minds in the fitness industry. He writes for a multitude of publications on the subjects of gaining muscle mass, fat loss, athletic performance, and strength development including t-nation, flexonline, Charles Poliquin, and Muscle and Strength.

“I’ve used KETO//OS effectively with many of my clients, including one who kept going hypoglycemic for almost two years, despite using multiple nutritional coaches to figure out her problem. From day one, the addition of KETO//OS stopped her from going hypo and she was able to return to her intense training without that happening any longer. It was miraculous. My own experience with KETO//OS is that I found myself with the ability to train longer, more frequently, with less pain due to reduced inflammation than in previous years. It is now a staple in my nutrition foundation.”

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