Creator of blog, and founder of Ketosis Tools. Human Performance Centre certified in: Certificate III & IV in Fitness & Advanced Nutrition.

I am fortunate to have started in the fitness and performance world as a young teenager and was lucky enough to have grown up with and trained with some of Australia’s best bodybuilders and athletes. I have always tried to stay open-minded and ahead of the game. This is what led me to high fat diets at such an early stage, many years ago, when high fat talk was just “Blasphemy.”

For the past five years, I have pushed the high fat low carb diet on clients and have had both hard and easy times trying to get them into ketosis. So you can imagine my excitement when I first heard about Prüvit and their exogenous ketone supplement. The fact that you could now just simply mix Pruvits new KETO//OS formula and be burning ketones within under an hour has become the real game changer. Getting into ketosis is now easier, fat loss is faster and energy is in abundance.

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